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Bowing Walls

Bowing Walls

Bowing Walls Repair in the USA

If you are experiencing bowing walls or tilting foundation walls, then it is quite possible that you have structural cracks as well. When rain falls, the ground soaks up water and expands. The soil and water outside the walls put hydrostatic pressure and push inwards. Over time as the process repeats with rainfall, you may see your walls to have bowed inwards. As a result, horizontal cracks may appear and water might leak through the gaps. Gradually, the situation will worsen until the right actions are taken. 

The Foundation Repair Your Basement Needs

Sump Pump Geeks is a specialist in foundation repair and bowing walls are not out of our reach. We offer professional bowing wall repair and structural crack repair to make sure your basement’s structural integrity remains intact. Our network of contractors is the largest leading group of certified Geeks who will ensure your basement is well taken care of. We are serving 24/7 throughout New York, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, and more in the United States of America.

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Bowing Walls Damage Impact on Property

Bowing walls bring in slow and gradual damage. Firstly the walls start to bow or bend inwards, causing a distortion in the structural integrity of the house. Next, it causes hairline cracks to form surrounding the foundation wall. These cracks are wide enough to allow water to enter, which may damage the contents stored in your basement. Leaking cracks pose a huge risk of mold growth due to exposure to moisture.

Common Signs of Damage

Trust Sump Pump Geeks for All Your Basement & Foundation Needs

Sump Pump Geeks can help you recover from bowing wall problems. We also provide dehumidification services to prevent mold growth. When you notice bowing walls, call us for repair at an early stage to avoid much larger problems in the future. Call Sump Pump Geeks today at 855-783-6133 or contact us online.