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Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

Energy-efficient Crawl Space Dehumidifiers available from Coast to Coast

Keeping your home healthy is a top priority for the Sump Pump Geeks. We know that moisture levels in the crawl space can quickly climb due to temperature differences between inside and out, which leads not only condensation but also mold growth and structural decay.  The solution for crawl space humidity is a good dehumidifier. That’s why we offer expert troubleshooting, maintenance and service for all brands and we install the most powerful, ENERGY STAR-rated dehumidifiers available.

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Benefits of Sump Pump Geeks Dehumidifiers

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Free Mold Inspections from coast to coast by your Local Sump Pump Geeks

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Sump Pump Geeks will also include a free mold inspection with your Sump Pump inspection. Our technicians are trained and certified to detect signs of mold even if it is not yet visible.

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