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French Drain

French Drain from Coast to Coast

Groundwater drainage is a crucial step to keep water from entering the basement, causing from mold problems, to basement flooding and structural damage. Sump Pump Geeks offers the most innovative and effective drainage systems to tackle water intrusion and related issues. We are the largest network of dedicated professionals, fully trained and certified to waterproof your foundation, protect your property and make life easier for you.
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How Effective are French Drains?

When basements are built, the soil around the outside perimeter of your basement walls  is dug and pipes are installed by the foundation footing. This foundation drainage method, commonly known as French Drain is aimed to capture the water and divert it to the sump basin or away from the house through gravity.  

Although French Drains have been used since the 1800, they are still being installed properly by many builders. They often are not tied to a sump pump, or are installed without the proper pitch to allow water to be diverted away. 

Because they are buried, they often get clogged by silt and debris that are carried into the pipes by the water.  

Fixing a conventional French drain requires exterior excavation, a disruptive and costly project, especially if you have a deck and other fixtures outside.  Sump Pump Geeks offers you an easier and more reliable drainage solution. Our patented drainage systems are are engineered to be clog-free and provide nonstop service.  

Reasons to Choose Sump Pump Geeks Drainage Solutions

Having Water Leaks? Sump Pump Geeks can Help

Water intrusion in your basement may not only lead to flooding and mold growth. It can eventually compromise your foundation’s structural integrity.

For that reason, basement leaks should be fixed as soon as possible. Sump Pump Geeks is at your service 24/7. 

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