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Remote Waterproofing Monitoring System

iBasement™ Technology by Sump Pump Geeks now available in your area!

The iBasementTM is a revolutionary new monitoring system that helps you take care of your basement in ways never before thought possible. With built-in sensors, it will send alerts via email when sump pump fails or if there are any other water seepage issues.

iBasement™ reduces the odds of basement flooding

What would you do if your basement was flooding? The iBasement™ is a powerful Wi-Fi connected, computerized waterproofing monitoring system. It has built-in sensors that monitor and protect basements by reducing the risk of flooding caused due to failed sump pump systems. When there’s an issue, it sends email alerts directly from its interface so homeowners can act quickly before more damage occurs!

Security and Peace of Mind for Homeowners from Coast to Coast!

Having a flood-prone basement is always a hassle. You never know when there will be water coming in, and you are worried every time it rains, especially if you are away from home or your property is vacant. Luckily for all homeowners with these issues there is the iBasement technology.  Combined with our affordable annual maintenance subscriptions they are the best basement protection money can buy. Stop worrying about your  basement and start enjoying your home, even during heavy storms!

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Our technicians are highly-trained and have passed various certification tests to become sump pump and waterproofing experts. They are available 24/7 to serve all the 50 U.S. States, from coast to coast. 

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