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Moisture & Humidity Test

Moisture & Humidity Test

Moisture & Humidity Control and Testing

Humidity in your basement is even worse than standing water. It causes mold, bugs and critters to thrive while creating an environment conducive for allergies as well!

Our sump pump service and maintenance inspections include Humidity Test and Moisture-Related Damage Assessment. 

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Effective Moisture Control Solutions

Mold growth in your basement or crawl space is a direct result of moisture and high humidity

Keeping the humidity low has been shown to be an effective way of preventing mold growth, structural decay & foul odors in your basement or crawl space.
Our WiseAire dehumidifier system is designed with your health in mind and can help you breathe easier by reducing indoor air pollution, allergens like dust mite droppings and mold spores. By keeping relative humidity levels at or below 60%, mold will not have a chance to develop.

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