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Preparing Sump Pumps for Winter

Preparing Sump Pumps for Winter

Preparing Sump Pumps for Winter

Winter means freezing cold winds and snowy sceneries that tag along with the necessity to take precautions in order protect ourselves, as well as our homes. 

Similarly, in certain areas of the United States, your sump pump system needs attention too during these harsh winter months, If there are any signs of ice buildup in the sump basin or the discharge lines,  then water won’t flow freely through the pipes damaging them and the sump pump over time.

Our winter preparedness services will make sure to keep your sump pump and your entire drainage system fully operational, even during the harshest winters. 

Extensive Winter Care for Your Sump Pump System

Let Sump Pump Geeks inspect your sump pump and ensure it is ready for the winter. We have various efficient solutions that prevent your sump pump from freezing. Sump pumps do not run as often in the winter months as they do the rest of the year. If it does kick in to remove excess water, even in the wintertime, you want to make sure it does so without ice blocks creating unnecessary trouble.

Complete Inspection & Winterization for Your Sump Pump in Across the United States

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