Sump Pump Geeks

Why Should Contractors Join?

Why Should Contractors Join?

Risk-Free Lead Generation & Hands-on Training

Courses, Trainings, and in house modern print/media technology are only a small part of what Sump Pump Geeks can offer, to help grow your business and protect your customers

Sales and Marketing

Sump Pump Geeks offers our Network a world-class sales program that is designed to refresh and advance your companies ethical sales skills. Our goal is to make your sales team the most powerful communicators to further increase their self-confidence which will enable them to influence and sell with ease and integrity.

Sump Pump Geeks value-added modern print/media technology has made it possible for us to produce small or large volumes of high-quality printed marketing material within our facility. We offer a wide variety of services under one roof and our experts are available to help manage your entire job whether its signage, a few flyers, product knowledge brochures, video ads, or you’re preparing for a home show. We make it easy to start and finish high-end print projects on time and at a reasonable price.

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Basement Crawlspace Training

Sump Pump Geeks, hands-on training courses are designed to educate individuals on the benefits of our proprietary products. Owners, Managers, Sales Consultants, and installers will learn how to sell and install the appropriate product for a healthy basement and or crawlspace. These trainings will include product features and benefits, closing techniques, install solutions, and how to identify opportunities to meet the needs of today’s consumer.

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We are looking for quality individuals to join our passionate, dedicated team of professionals committed to excellence in products and services.

Lead Generation

As a Sump Pump Geek, you have the opportunity to utilize our Risk-free Lead Generation program! Our partnership removes the risk of whether your online advertising campaigns are going to work or not! Our process is tested and proven. How much money are you spending on Google AdWords? How many leads are you getting for the money you are spending each month? By joining the Sump Pump Geeks Pay-Per-Lead Program, your risk is gone! All calls are recorded, and all leads are tracked to ensure the leads you receive are qualified prospects. You only pay for qualified leads, the kind of leads that propel your business to new heights!

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