Sump Pump Geeks

Sump Pump Service, Repair & Replacement Contractors Network

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We Are a Nationwide Network of Sump Pump Experts

We are not general plumbers or contractors. We combine decades of unparalleled expertise in basement and crawl space waterproofing systems, including but not limited to sump pumps.  Schedule your service today

Reasons to Trust the Sump Pump Geeks

All of our contractors are selected based on strict criteria, that includes excellent professionalism, craftmanship, punctuality and customer service. 


Every dealer in this network, as well and every one of their employees are fully trained and certified in our Westport, MA headquarters. Contact us to locate a dealer in your area.

Sump Pump Geeks Make Sure Your Sump Pump Works When You Need it Most.

The sump pump is the heart of your entire waterproofing system. Its job is to pump out all the water collected into the sump basin by the drainage system, and pump it out and away from the house. If the sump pump is out of commission, your basement will flood. 

We Service ALL Sump Pump Brands

Get Your Sump Pump System Serviced Today

The leading Sump Pump manufacturers recommend that you have the sump pumps regularly inspected and maintained to ensure proper operation.

We help protect your biggest asset & and give you peace of mind.

The Sump Pump Geeks are here to ensure that not only your sump pump but your entire waterproofing system works as intended, at all times,  preventing unpleasant surprises and costly repairs in the long run.  We protect your basement from flooding, humidity and mold problems.  Check our affordable Annual Maintenance Packages!