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Having Sump Pump Problems? Who you Gonna Call?

Are you tired of dealing with sump pump problems? Constantly running, overheating, or failing to kick in when needed? Even if your pump seems to be working, are you still finding water in your basement or crawl space? Don’t settle for just any plumber.

Trust the experts who specialize in sump pumps and service all brands. Introducing the Sump Pump Geeks, your go-to solution for keeping your home healthy and dry. Whether it’s regular maintenance or an emergency repair, we’ve got you covered.

As a network of trained and certified sump pump experts, we provide comprehensive services to solve any problem you may face. Say goodbye to sump pump issues once and for all. Choose the Sump Pump Geeks today!

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Expert Sump Pump Repair from Coast to Coast

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Don’t let basement or crawl space flooding ruin your day. Contact a Sump Pump Geek in your area today for a hassle-free inspection and accurate estimate. We are proud to serve Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, Michigan, Georgia, Oregon, and all the other States across the United States of America.

✔️ Check Valves to prevent water backflow.

✔️ Inspect and clean ports for optimal performance.

✔️ Check Discharge Line to ensure proper drainage.

✔️ Check Battery Backup for added protection.

✔️ Inspect Motor Flush System to keep your pump running smoothly.

Sump Pump Troubleshooting FAQs

I have a working sump pump, but my basement is still wet. Why?
There are several reasons why a basement with a working sump pump can still be wet. These reasons include: the sump pump may not be powerful enough to handle the influx of water; the sump liner or basin may be too small, causing overflow; the drainage system could be clogged or collapsed; the sump pump may not have been installed in the basement’s lowest corner; and the drainage systems may not have been installed with the proper pitch to divert all water to the sump pump. If you’re dealing with a wet basement despite having a functioning sump pump, it’s essential to consider these factors as potential causes.
My sump pump is churning but not pumping any water. Why?
This problem may arise due to an issue with the float switch, preventing the pump from properly turning off when the sump basin becomes empty. If you encounter this situation while using your sump pump, it could be a glitch in the float switch mechanism. In such cases, the pump fails to stop functioning when the sump basin doesn’t contain any water. To address this matter, our team at Sump Pump Geeks can provide you with the necessary expertise and assistance to resolve the float switch malfunction.
Why is my sump pump running so often?
That often occurs because there is an increase in water flow. If there hasn’t been an elevation in rainfall, it is possible that changes in the water table have been triggered by nearby construction activities or alterations in the city’s wastewater system.
My sump pump is running hot.
During heavy rainfall, sump pumps can become overworked, causing them to run hotter than usual, even though they are submerged in the basin. However, a reliable sump pump, such as those provided by Sump Pump Geeks, will run less frequently and is specifically designed to prevent overheating and burnout. Trust in Sump Pump Geeks to offer sump pumps that can handle the demands of heavy rain without compromising their efficiency or durability.
My sump pump is not kicking in.
If your sump pump is not kicking in, first check if it was accidentally unplugged or if the circuit breaker was tripped. Additionally, ensure that the float switch is operating freely and not tangled or obstructed by debris. If these troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, contact the Sump Pump Geeks for professional service.
My sump pump is running non-stop.
If your sump pump’s float switch malfunctions, don’t worry. Simply contact the Sump Pump Geeks for reliable and efficient service. Our team of experts specializes in resolving float switch issues and can provide you with the assistance you need. Trust us to handle your sump pump concerns with professionalism and expertise.
My sump pump smells.
If your sump pump basin lacks a lid, it is prone to accumulating debris and even small animals, resulting in unpleasant odors. Moreover, standing water in the pit can foster the growth of smelly bacteria. On the other hand, if your sump pit does have a lid, the smell could be attributed to the mixing of groundwater with wastewater or sewage from the surrounding areas. However, worry not! The Sump Pump Geeks specialize in identifying and resolving such issues. Feel free to reach out to us for prompt assistance!

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Annual Maintenance Packages

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Our flexible and affordable maintenance plans are designed to ensure that your waterproofing system is in top condition at all times . Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your basement or crawl space is well-maintained.

Don’t let worries weigh you down – let us be your trusted partner in creating a worry-free environment for you and your loved ones.

iBasement Sump Pump Controller

iBasement™ Sump Pump Controller

Discover the revolutionary iBasement Sump Pump Controller – the ultimate solution for complete basement protection and  unmatched peace of mind. Harnessing the power of WiFi connectivity, this advanced controller constantly monitors your system, with the ability to override operations whenever necessary.With a convenient email alert system, you’ll always stay informed about the condition of your basement.