Crawl Space Repair

Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation Services Near You!

Our crawl space repair and encapsulation services provide trusted solutions to any hidden problems lurking beneath your homem caused by your vented, dirt-floored crawl spaces are a source of many problems, including:

  • Persistent musty odors
  • Poor indoor air quality that affects the health of your loved ones
  • Unsightly and potentially harmful mold growth
  • Sagging floors that slowly erode your home’s structural.integrity
  • Shockingly high energy bills draining your resources

But don’t worry, the Sump Pump Geeks are here to provide you with the ultimate solution!

Our scientifically backed crawl space encapsulation system is crafted to effectively address and prevent these problems, ensuring both the protection of your home and the well-being of your family.

Vapor barrier installation

The Case for Sealed Crawl Spaces in America

Crawl spaces have become a popular trend in the construction of US homes since World War II. They offered builders a quicker and more cost-effective way to construct homes while providing easy access to plumbing, wiring, and ductwork. However, we now understand that crawl spaces can bring forth unexpected challenges. Vented crawl spaces, in particular, are susceptible to external humidity and moisture from the soil. This continuous exposure to moisture can lead to structural damage, mold growth, infestations, and other issues, compromising the safety and well-being of your home.

Common Vented Crawl Space Problems

Standing Water

Standing water in crawl space

Inadequately graded crawl spaces without proper drainage systems can lead to troublesome puddles that pose serious threats to your home’s foundation. Standing water in your crawl space not only evaporates, but also seeps into floor joists and other wooden structures, weakening your home’s structure and attracting harmful pests like moisture-loving termites. Additionally, stagnant water fosters unhealthy bacterial growth. Safeguard your home and family by relying on the expertise of the Sump Pump Geeks. Our scientifically backed crawl space encapsulation system effectively addresses and prevents these issues, providing the ultimate solution to all your crawl space woes.

Mold & Dry Rot

moldy crawl space

Relative Humidity levels at or above 60% in the crawl space can lead to the growth of mold and dry rot, posing a significant threat to the structural integrity of your home. At Sump Pump Geeks, we recognize the paramount importance of maintaining a healthy and safe living environment. Count on our team of experts to diligently address and mitigate the risks associated with high humidity levels in your crawl space. With an unwavering commitment to preserving the well-being and longevity of your home, we are here to safeguard your investment and provide you with peace of mind. Trust the Sump Pump Geeks to proactively tackle the challenges of moisture control and protect your home.

High Energy Bills

When outside air enters your crawl space, it inevitably seeps into your living areas. This is because air inside buildings naturally rises. During winter, you’ll encounter chilly drafts emanating from the crawl space, while in summer, hot and humid air invades your living space. As a result, your HVAC system is forced to work excessively throughout the year just to maintain comfort in your home. If you have ducts running through the crawl space, the air that you pay to heat or cool experiences temperature gains or losses as it passes through, exacerbating the issue even further. By sealing your crawl space you will not only protect it against moisture and mold, but will also save big on energy bills. 

Keep Your Basement Protected 24/7, Year Round!

Annual Maintenance Packages

Sump Pump Geeks service

Our flexible and affordable maintenance plans are designed to ensure that your waterproofing system is in top condition at all times . Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your basement or crawl space is well-maintained.

Don’t let worries weigh you down – let us be your trusted partner in creating a worry-free environment for you and your loved ones.

iBasement Sump Pump Controller

iBasement™ Sump Pump Controller

Discover the revolutionary iBasement Sump Pump Controller – the ultimate solution for complete basement protection and  unmatched peace of mind. Harnessing the power of WiFi connectivity, this advanced controller constantly monitors your system, with the ability to override operations whenever necessary.With a convenient email alert system, you’ll always stay informed about the condition of your basement.